A birth certificate is an authentic juridical document that gives a certain number of information on an individual’s’s the most important document in one’s life ; it attributes a citizenship and family belonging.

Importance of birth certificates

  • It guaranties the child’s identity.
  • The child has the right to a name, surname, sex, and also date and place of birth.
  • It gives the opportunity to children to know their parents, and parents to exercise their rights and duties.
  • It permits registrations into schools, official exams and also competitive entrance examinations.
  • Helps in the establishment of official documents : NIC, passport.
  • Protects the minors against certain abuses.
  • Gives access to marriage for adults and prevents concubine.
  • To take part in an election.
  • To know the rate of birth and population’s growth


• A birth declaration established by the Heath establishment

• Failing this, a home birth declaration established by the traditional ruler or the village birth attendant.

• For married couples ; their marriage certificate

• For unmarried couples : their declaration of recognition of a Child born out of wedlock :

• For each of the parents, in a bid to document their nationality : NIC, passport, residence permit or refugee card issued by the HCR, or failing that, parents’s birth certificates. 

• State counsel’s request

• Copy of judgment and a certificate of no appeal


* Article 30 : (A birth shall be declared to the civil status register within ninety (90) days of the delivery)

* Article 31. (1) : ( Where a child is born in a hospital or a medical institution, the Head of the hospital or, failing that,the physician or any Person who attended the mother,shall be bound to decalre the birth of the child within thirty (30) days of the delivery.

(2) where the birth is not declared within the time limit by the persons reffered to in section 31 (1)

* Article 32 : Births declared beyond the time-limit referred to in the preceding sections may be registered at. the instance of the competent ( state counsel)to whom the matter is referred who shall move the court within six (6) months of the birth Article 33 : Where a birth is not declared within six (6) months, It may be registered by the civil status registrar only by the virtue of a judgement of the competent court